Consider These Factors When You Shop For A Forklift

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Consider These Factors When You Shop For A Forklift

Consider These Factors When You Shop For A Forklift

16 August 2023
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When you begin shopping for a forklift, you might be surprised at how many makes and models are on the market. It might seem a little daunting to try to figure out what type of machine you need, but a good way to narrow down your choices is to think about the type of work that you plan to use the forklift for. As you consider some factors that relate to the work, you'll likely find that the type of machine you need will quickly become clear. Here are some useful factors to think about as you shop for a forklift.

Work Site Size

One thing that can help to narrow down your search is considering the size of the work site in which you'll be using your new forklift. In particular, think about whether the area is mostly open or whether there are several tight spots. In the latter type of space, it's best to have a forklift that has a compact body size and can offer an extremely tight turning radius. This will save your operator from having to make numerous multi-point turns throughout the work shift, which would be time-consuming.

Weight Of Materials

You'll also need to think about what types of materials you'll be lifting with this machine — specifically, how much these materials typically weigh. When you look at different forklift models, you'll always be able to see details about the maximum weight they can carry. Heavy-duty models cost more, so there's no point in buying a model that can easily lift and carry a certain amount of weight if you'd never envision having to lift that much with your forklift. If there's any doubt about how much you need to lift, however, it can be better to buy a forklift that can handle heavier weights.

Ground Type

You should also consider what type of ground you'll be operating the forklift on. These machines can work in all sorts of environments, and certain models are better suited to certain terrain. For an indoor environment, a forklift with smooth tires will be sufficient. If you're planning to primarily work outdoors, however, you'll want tires that have more traction. For outdoor work, a forklift that has more clearance beneath its body will be able to better navigate sloped and uneven terrain. Visit a local forklift dealer to shop for the right model for your type of work.

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