Vending Equipment That Will Increase Your Profit Margin

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Vending Equipment That Will Increase Your Profit Margin

Vending Equipment That Will Increase Your Profit Margin

5 July 2023
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Adding soda machines within your place of business will give you the opportunity to increase your profit margin. Research equipment and beverage products. Then, formulate a plan that will support maintaining the equipment that you decide to purchase. 


Soda machines often feature custom lights, touch screens, and card readers. These modern attributes will support a positive customer buying experience.

When reviewing equipment, take note of how many products each machine is designed to hold. A drink machine will contain slotted shelves. Each shelf will display products, plus keep the beverages evenly spaced apart. A soda machine may contain a clear plastic or glass cover, which will allow consumers to view the actual products that are available for purchase.


A soda machine should be set up on level flooring. Machines should not be placed near swinging doors or areas that could impede the normal flow of foot traffic within your place of business.

After selecting an interior area to house new soda machines, measure the space that you have allotted for the equipment. When reviewing machines that a supplier sells, take note of how large each machine is. Ensure that the height and width of each soda machine that you select will adequately fit within the interior area you have chosen to install the equipment.

Be mindful of the fact that you will need plenty of space to restock each machine. A soda machine may contain a front plate that will need to swing outward when beverages are being added to the machine.


Determine how many beverages to add to the machines. Compare the beverage prices that wholesale and retail suppliers charge. A mix of caffeinated and non-caffeinated soda products should be added to each beverage machine that you decide to purchase.

If you have enough space to store surplus inventory, ordering pallets of beverages may be in your best interest. The storage area that you select should be temperature-regulated and off-limits to your customers and employees.


Each soda machine will contain a built-in refrigeration unit that will keep beverages cool. The materials that are part of each refrigeration unit will need to be inspected and serviced on occasion. Your maintenance plan should include hiring a licensed technician to inspect, clean, and repair each soda machine. Set up a routine maintenance plan that you will follow. Designate time to clean and restock each soda machine during normal business hours.

Contact a local soda machine service to learn more. 

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