What Types Of Wheels And Tires Do Your Military Trucks Need?

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What Types Of Wheels And Tires Do Your Military Trucks Need?

What Types Of Wheels And Tires Do Your Military Trucks Need?

4 May 2022
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The wheels that you install on your military truck need to be tested to show that they are able to function well under the conditions that the truck will normally operate under. You will not want your truck wheels to wear out and cause your vehicle to break down and leave you stranded.

Size and Reliability

Military wheels are meant to carry a heavy load like the wheels of commercial vehicles. Make sure to find wheels that are the right size, shape, and diameter for your truck. Military truck wheels are often larger than conventional wheels. The wheels and rims might be made out of aluminum or steel. Make sure that there are an appropriate number of lug holes to hold your military truck wheel in place.


A military truck's wheels need to be able to traverse in all sorts of environments. They must also be highly durable because they are likely to be targeted by enemy forces in an attempt to disable the vehicle. 

Military-Grade Tires

It's important to have military-grade tires instead of conventional tires. The role of a tire is to support loads, transfer torques, and protect the wheels from a variety of surfaces. The type of tires you will need depend on whether your military truck is considered to be light, medium, or heavy. Most military truck tires have a tubeless design.

Large Military Tires

The size of your tires will affect how mobile the vehicle will be. When the tires have a larger diameter, they will have more ground clearance. They will also have a lower spring rate and this will help cushion your ride. Because of the longer footprint and the better traction that a larger tire provides, these types of tires can function better on sandy terrains.

Another advantage of having larger tires is that the suspension parts are less likely to wear out even on rough terrain. As a result, your military truck will last longer and will be less likely to break down at the worst possible moment. 

Adding Chains to Your Tires

Depending on the environment, you might need to have chains placed on your tires. These can give your wheels more traction so that they are better able to drive over snow, sand, and mud so your truck will be less likely to become stuck. With all of these military truck parts, your truck will be more reliable. 

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