Keys To Setting Up An On-Site Petroleum Storage Tank

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Keys To Setting Up An On-Site Petroleum Storage Tank

Keys To Setting Up An On-Site Petroleum Storage Tank

24 March 2022
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Some work operations require a lot of petroleum fuel to keep machines running. If you have some, you may eventually decide to invest in an on-site petroleum storage tank. As long as you follow these setup protocols, this solution can hold petroleum fuel in an optimal way long-term.

Decide Between Underground and Above-Ground Setup

You can either set up a petroleum tank above ground or underground. Both have different requirements, tools, and regulations so you need to think about what is going to be best for the type of operations relying on this important fuel source.

For instance, if you have a worksite that involves a lot of traffic from machinery, an underground setup may be best so that your operators don't hit the storage tank. Whereas if your site remains relatively clutter-free and you want easy access to this tank, putting it above ground would be smart.

Find a Consultant That Knows the Legality of This Setup

So that your company doesn't get in trouble with where it sets up this fuel tank and how this process takes place, you should consult with a professional that knows all about petroleum storage tank regulations. Then you can follow these rules with ease and not have to face penalties.

Your consultant needs to be aware of the installation requirements in your particular area to ensure this setup goes smoothly. If you have further questions that come up — such as how far this tank has to be from other structures — this professional will make themselves available.

Avoid the Sun if Going With an Above-Ground System

If you plan on setting up a petroleum storage tank above ground where your worksite is, then you need to do everything possible to protect this solution from the sun. If it was exposed to it throughout the day, it is going to get hotter than it should and could also start breaking down.

Whereas if you set this system up around a shaded area or add cover systems to provide this shade, your petroleum storage tank will remain in better condition for a long time.

Whether you're designing a petroleum storage tank from scratch or ordering one from a supplier, you need to prepare for its setup because you need to get this process right in order to use this tank optimally long-term. Go through each stage and verify it's as refined as possible. 

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