Effective Tips For Companies Working With Horizontal Grinder Machines

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Effective Tips For Companies Working With Horizontal Grinder Machines

Effective Tips For Companies Working With Horizontal Grinder Machines

22 October 2021
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If there are wood materials on a construction site that need to be broken down, such as logs and stumps, then horizontal grinder machines are one of the best resources to use. They are powerful and come with many convenient features. If you plan on using one in your own construction operations, here are some tips that can help you work with it effectively.

Inspect Conveyor Belt System Regularly

In order to transport wood materials through a horizontal grinder, a conveyor belt system is used. You want to inspect it pretty frequently since it is vital to your grinding operations. Frequent inspections will ensure this component doesn't suffer severe damage that goes undetected.

Get in the habit of looking over this portion before each grinding activity. If you see signs of the belt starting to rip or portions have already started breaking down, make sure they're repaired before the grinder is used again. Keep inspection logs too so that this portion of your grinder is cared for properly.

Clean Parts to Prevent Materials Catching on Fire

Since wood materials go through a horizontal grinder on a regular basis, there are going to be parts that get dirty. You need to clean them so that they don't create fire hazards later on. These components include the engine, drive sheaves, electric wiring, batteries, and rotor.

Keeping these parts clean will prevent material buildup, which has the potential to catch fire because of the excess heat a horizontal grinder experiences when active. If you know where each of these parts is and what solutions to use on them, your cleaning routines will be streamlined.

Check for Non-Compatible Materials

Horizontal grinders are very powerful thanks to their engines and grinding components, but they can't grind every type of material. There are things that will cause them damage, depending on the horizontal grinder that you invested in.

You need to figure out what these materials are and then continue to check for them throughout your grinding activities with this machine. Only supported materials should make it through this machine to keep it running well for a long time.

Horizontal grinders are machines that give construction sites a lot of capabilities as far as breaking materials down like wood. If you review your specific grinder and its tolerances, it will be easy to keep this system performing efficiently and safely for you and your construction crew.

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