3 Terms You Need to Understand if You Want to Purchase an Air Compressor

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3 Terms You Need to Understand if You Want to Purchase an Air Compressor

3 Terms You Need to Understand if You Want to Purchase an Air Compressor

5 April 2021
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If you need a new air compressor for your business or personal needs, it is essential to understand all the terms associated with an air compressor, so you can find the one that fits your needs the best.

1. Horsepower

The horsepower lets you know the size of the engine that the compressor uses. With air compressors, the horsepower is not straightforward. With hobby-style compressors, the horsepower is often overrated. That is why you need to check and see what the electrical power draw is for the compressor. If the electrical power draws in only running on a 110-volt circuit, it can't generate a horsepower of rating of 5. For a horsepower rating of 5 units, you need to be using at least a 220-volt circuit that can draw around 24 amps.

That is why an industrial compressor and a hobby-style air compressor will have the same horsepower ratings but will vary significantly in size and strength. Industrial compressors are generally rated more accurately than hobby-style air compressors. Additionally, the fuel source impacts the horsepower rating. It will generally take a gas engine more horsepower to produce the same amount of air as its electrical counterpart.

2. Air Pressure

With an air compressor, air pressure is one of the most important terms you need to understand. The air pressure represents how much air is running through the system and the pressure or force it is creating, impacting how your tools run.

With an air compressor, for most tools, you need at least 90 PSI. Some air compressors have a single-stage set-up, which means that they are designed to run at a specific PSI and shut off if they reach a certain level above recommended PSI. A second-stage compressor will have two different stages so that it can run at two different PSI levels, with two different shut-off triggers.

3. Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

The third term you need to understand is cubic feet per minute (CFM). This is the volume of air that the compressor produces per minute. If you look at tool attachments for air compressors, you will see that many tools require a certain CFM to run efficiently. You will want to check the CFM needed for the tools you want to use and make sure any unit you purchase can provide you with the CFM you need.

When purchasing an air compressor, make sure the air pressure and cubic feet per minute match the tools you need to run. To learn more contact Quincy air compressor dealers. 

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