Need Stone Gravel for Your Industrial Grounds? 4 Things to Consider in Advance

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Need Stone Gravel for Your Industrial Grounds? 4 Things to Consider in Advance

Need Stone Gravel for Your Industrial Grounds? 4 Things to Consider in Advance

16 February 2021
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You need gravel to cover bare ground in your industrial setting, but how do you get the best for the purpose? Here are a few things to consider before you contact the stone gravel supplier. 

1. Consider what stone size you need with your new gravel. 

When you place an order for stone gravel, you will likely be given options with gravel size. For example, you could opt for a more finely crushed gravel about the size of a pea or you can go with a natural chunky aggregate with larger pieces. In industrial settings where heavy equipment may be traveling over the gravel, something bulkier can be a more logical choice. However, if the area being graveled is going to be used for general foot traffic or vehicular travel, smaller gravel will suffice. 

2. Determine if you need the stone to offer specific qualities. 

Stone gravel can be highly effective for the purpose, but all gravel can boast different qualities that may or may not serve your industrial property well. For example, some gravel creates an almost solid barrier once compressed, which can be an issue if you have a great deal of precipitation and stormwater in your area. Consider any specific concerns you may have and discuss the most viable options with the stone gravel supplier. 

3. Look at the aesthetic qualities different types of stone can offer. 

Even though aesthetics may not be a huge factor, you will want to consider how the stone will look once it is covering a large area of the property. Something like creek gravel with multiple color hues may seem fine, but you may prefer the consistency of a single type of stone with one color, such as limestone.

4. Examine how much stone gravel you may need.  

Determining how much gravel you need from the stone gravel supplier can be a bit difficult if you do not have a lot of experience with buying aggregate. Usually, what you will need to know is the square footage of the area you intend to cover with the gravel. For example, if you are covering a parking area at your industrial facility, you would need to know the length and width of that parking area to determine the square footage. You should also look at how deep you want the gravel to be, as a thicker coverage will naturally mean you need more gravel. You can supply these measurements to the supplier so they know how much you will need. 

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