Benefits Of Upgrading To Aluminum For Your Air Compressor

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Benefits Of Upgrading To Aluminum For Your Air Compressor

Benefits Of Upgrading To Aluminum For Your Air Compressor

29 September 2020
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As an industrial or manufacturing company, you know the importance of your air compressors. You need to not only make sure they are functioning properly but also that they are updated. If you are considering an upgrade of your air compressor systems, you may want to look at aluminum air pipes. Here are a few benefits to this option and what you need to know about each one.

Corrosion Issues

When you use other metals with your air compressor, you may have issues with corrosion. This can break down your air compressor and cause several issues throughout the system. When you use an aluminum metal for your air pipes, you reduce the chances of corrosion. Aluminum does not corrode. This means you will have less chance of breakdowns, replacement needs, and rusting throughout the system. Over time, the reduced chance of corrosion will result in less funds and expenses towards repairs.

Reduced Leaking

An issue that can lead to leaks in your air compressor system is with the threading. When you use a traditional steel pipe for your air compressor, the threading may have issues of being tight. This means that over time, the threading loosens and the pipes begin to push apart at the connections. As they push apart, the result is leaking. Aluminum air pipes hold a tighter seal, and the threading holds tightly as well. The treading is less likely to loosen, which means less leaking in the air compressor lines. 

Installation Fees

A concern for many business owners are the installation fees associated with full upgrades like this one. When you choose an aluminum upgrade for air pipes in your compressor, the installation fees can be lower than with other metals. This is in part due to the time required to prep other metals for pipe fitting. For example, a steel pipe needs to be threaded. This step alone can be costly in time and money. With an aluminum pipe, special tools are not required and the process is much faster, which cuts down the installation time and effort. 

These are just a few of the benefits to upgrading your air compressor system to aluminum air pipes. If you feel that this upgrade would be ideal for your industrial or manufacturing business, contact your local contractor. They can help you with the upgrades and replacements. They can also answer questions you may have about maintenance and related issues.

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