Choosing The Right Pump For The Chemicals You Are Moving

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Choosing The Right Pump For The Chemicals You Are Moving

Choosing The Right Pump For The Chemicals You Are Moving

6 August 2020
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Many industrial facilities work with products and chemicals in their processes that might be unstable, corrosive, or present some other hazard. Often, the best way to move chemicals like this throughout a facility is to pump them through hard plumbing and reduce exposure to as many people as possible. But choosing a pump that will stand up to the chemicals your company is using can be a critical choice.

Pressure Pumps

In some situations, the industrial chemical pump you are using needs to provide a specific amount of pressure to the system in order for things to flow to the right destination. A thick product that needs to be pumped up a verticle pipe, for instance, may need to have a pump that is a high pressure and has the right seals and internal parts to contain the chemicals. 

If the internal parts can not stand up to the chemicals you are pumping through the system, the pump will eventually fail and could create a hazardous situation when it does. Make sure that you talk to the chemical pump supplier about what products you are moving through the pump, and they can help you choose the right one for the job you are doing.

Fireproof Pumps

Another concern that can arise when pumping chemicals is a product creating with a pump either through heat or spark and causing a fire. For some environments, the industrial chemical pump needs to be sealed so that no fumes or chemicals can enter the area where the motor is on the pump. 

These pumps are often certified as fireproof or fire-resistant, and the chemical pump supplier that you typically work with can help you choose the right pump for the environment you need it to function in. Sometimes the product the pump is moving is not as much of a concern as fumes or other products in the same area that could come into contact with the pump. If this is the situation, the chemical pump systems may need to be isolated for other materials as well as having sealed cases.

Chemical Pump Installation

Working with industrial chemical pumps can require some specific skills during the installation process. Working with a contractor that has industrial chemical pump system experience is essential to ensure that the pump is going to work correctly and maintain the safety and integrity of the system. 

Often, the contractor will need to be able to perform electrical, plumbing, and fabrication work with putting in a new chemical pump or replacing an existing pump for you. 

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