Machines That Assist In Milling Processes

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Machines That Assist In Milling Processes

Machines That Assist In Milling Processes

13 June 2019
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Mechanical milling accomplishes a multitude of tasks. Yet, many people are not aware of the fact that it is not always a singular machine that does the work. As you will see in the following examples, there is more than one machine that can bore, sand, refine, and cut.

The Tumbling Milling Machine

This machine looks and functions pretty much like a giant rock tumbler that kids play with to smooth stones. It is a large cylinder into which is placed the object or objects to be milled, along with milling pellets or milling sands.

When the machine is closed and turned on, it spins and spins until the pellets or sand are moving at a high velocity around the object or objects inside. The end result is a well-shaped and/or well-sanded product. 

The CNC Machine

A CNC laser machine is a computerized, numerically-programmed machine that can accomplish several cutting, boring, and fusing tasks on multiple materials. Its system includes several milling tools of multiple shapes, sizes, and purposes. It may be used separately or in conjunction with any other milling machines. 

The Micro-Milling Machine

This technological wonder can create some of the tiniest holes and assemble and refine some of the tiniest objects ever. When you are attempting to create something very small, and no human hands can possibly manage it without messing it up, the task goes to a micro-milling machine.

Because of the tiny products made and the tiny milling tools used on this machine, it is uncommon for it to be used in conjunction with other milling machines but not impossible. It just depends on what is produced and whether or not it is mass-produced in a way that will allow the products to be cut or refined some other way. 

Which One Will You Require?

Depending on what your project is, you may need one, two, or all three of the machines above. Maybe you need an entirely different milling application, and therefore a different sort of machine altogether.

As you sit down with milling engineers to discuss your project and your intentions, the engineers will be able to determine just which of these machines is best suited to creating your project and then mass-producing it.

If all you need is a prototype, that is fine. The machine or machines that would be used to produce dozens are the same machines that will be used to produce your prototype. For more information, contact a supplier who offers mechanical milling equipment.

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