3 Reasons To Choose Cast Steel Valves

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3 Reasons To Choose Cast Steel Valves

3 Reasons To Choose Cast Steel Valves

28 October 2018
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When you are purchasing steel valves, you have to choose between those that are made out of forged steel and those that are made out of cast steel. The two might look similar, but the differences are pretty significant. Basically, valves that are made out of forged steel are made into the shape of a valve from solid, hard steel. Cast valves, on the other hand, are made from liquid steel. After the valve is made, the steel is then allowed to cool and harden. For many purposes, cast steel is better than forged steel -- here are some of the reasons why:

1. They Can Be Made to Suit Your Needs

For one thing, it is much easier for valve manufacturers to make valves to your exact specifications if they are working with liquid steel than if they are working with hardened steel. Of course, many people find it to be pretty amazing to see what can be done with hardened steel that is being made into valves and other important parts; however, for more intricate parts, getting each detail right is much harder with steel that is already hardened. If you only need basic, simple valves, then forged steel might be a decent option. If you need more intricate and specific valve designs, then cast steel is going to be more likely to provide you with what you want.

2. There are Fewer Chances of Mistakes

When liquid steel is poured into a mold, it will automatically fit itself into the shape of the mold. This is what happens when liquid steel is used to make valves. However, there is more of a chance for human error when valves are being made out of hardened steel. This is because welding and other methods are used to make valves out of steel that has already hardened, and mistakes can be made along the way. Because of this, cast steel valves are more likely to be made properly without any mistakes.

3. They're Cheaper

Cast steel valves are often cheaper to purchase than valves that are made out of forged steel. This is because the molds that are used with the liquid steel do most of the work, so there is less labor to be paid for. The variation in price is significant enough on some valves, such as those that are a bit more complicated, that the price can make a big difference for your business when you're buying a lot of valves.

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