Don't Wait Till You Have An Emergency On Your Hands: How To Tell You Need Immediate Boiler Repairs

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Don't Wait Till You Have An Emergency On Your Hands: How To Tell You Need Immediate Boiler Repairs

Don't Wait Till You Have An Emergency On Your Hands: How To Tell You Need Immediate Boiler Repairs

5 June 2018
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When it comes to boiler repairs, you can't afford to wait until it breaks down completely to call your repair technician. You've got to call the minute you notice that it's having some problems keeping up with your needs. Without a properly functioning boiler, you're going to be without warm air and warm water. Here are just four of the signs you should be looking for. If you notice any of them, you need to call for boiler repair right away.

Heat Comes and Goes

When your boiler goes out, you know that you'll be without heat. However, boilers usually don't break down all at once. They usually go out slowly over time. While boilers are going out, they often produce heat in cycles. If you've noticed that your heat comes and goes – and not on a normal cycle – it's time to have your boiler looked at. In most cases, the heat will continue to come and go until your boiler has completely given up the ghost, and then the heat will be gone for good. Take care of the problem before that happens.

Your Boiler is Emitting foul odors

Foul odors from your boiler are never a good sign. If your boiler is emitting foul odors of any kind, you need to contact your boiler service technician right away. Foul odors are always a sign that your boiler is experiencing some major issues that will require immediate attention. If you're noticing strong odors coming from your boiler, it's a good idea to turn it off and discontinue use until it can be looked at by your boiler technician.

Your Pilot Light Refuses to Stay Lit

Your boiler has a pilot light that needs to remain lit at all times. If you're having problems with your pilot light, your boiler might be in need of some repairs. The first thing you should do is make sure there aren't any drafts in the area. To do that, you'll need a test flame. While your pilot light is on, stand in front of the pilot chamber and light a match. If the match flame blows out, you know that you have a draft in the area that will need to be taken care of. However, if your match stays lit, your pilot has an issue that will require professional repairs.

It Sounds Like You've Got Drums in Your Boiler

If your boiler suddenly sounds like it has an entire percussion team performing inside of it, you need to call your repair company immediately. A well-functioning boiler shouldn't sound like there are drums inside of it. Those banging sounds coming from deep inside your boiler are a sure sign that your boiler is about to malfunction.

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