3 Things To Know About Using Press Brakes

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3 Things To Know About Using Press Brakes

3 Things To Know About Using Press Brakes

20 April 2018
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If you are new to or using press brakes, then you may be wondering where to start. A press brake is used for bending metals. If you are looking into a job that lists operating press brakes, or the ability to learn to operate a press brake, then you will likely be dealing with sheet metal bending and design. With that in mind, there are three things that you should know about using press brakes before you apply for the job.

Types of Press Brakes

There are three main types of press brakes. These types include pneumatic, servo-electric, and hydraulic. The pneumatic style of press brake uses either gas or pressurized air to operate the machinery and create the bending pressure you will need for the various metals. A serco-electric press brake will use error sensing techniques to help create the pressure and bend you will need. Hydraulic systems, which are common, will use a liquid to help create the pressure.

Using Dies for Press Brakes

When you begin using press brakes, you may find that the company has several dies available depending on the job you are handling. Some of the more common dies are V-dies. These dies can handle various angles and can assist with most of the metal bending you will be doing. There are also angle dies designed specifically to handle precise angle bends such as acute and right angles. In addition to these dies, you may also have curling dies at your disposal. The curling die is used when you need to create a coil out of sheet metal.

Applications for Press Brake Use

There are several applications that press brakes are used for. One of the many applications is to bend sheet metal for roofing, fencing, and building supplies such as guttering. You may also find sheet brakes used in creating tubes of sheet metal, box forming options, and when channels need to be formed with sheet metal. In addition to these applications, some companies will use a press brake to help create the metal forms for projects that require multiple bends in the metal pieces.

These are only three of the things you should know about press brakes before applying for the job. These key points will help you when it comes to on-the-job press brake training. Reach out to a professional at companies like Sierra Victor Industries to learn more about press brakes.

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