3 Air Compressor Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

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3 Air Compressor Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

3 Air Compressor Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

4 March 2018
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If your workshop or warehouse will soon be adding an air compressor to your list of equipment, you are likely looking forward to the benefits your new toy will be able to provide. That said, it's important that none of your employees actually treat the air compressor like it's a toy, as this could lead to a dangerous situation. Here are three safety tips to keep in mind when using your new air compressor.

Always Be Aware of the Pressure

Air compressors can be set to provide different amounts of pressure, usually measured according to a metric called PSI. Always be aware of the amount of pressure your air compressor is currently set to put out. At the same time, you should know the maximum amount of pressure that any of the materials you are working with can handle without being damaged. Encourage your workers to always set the compressor to the lowest possible setting before turning it off so that when the next person uses it, they don't accidentally use a higher pressure setting that they don't need.

Protect Your Ears

Anyone who works in a shop or warehouse with complex machinery or equipment likely already understands the importance of wearing safety goggles or a hard hat. But there's one more place upstairs that you're going to want to pay special attention to when it comes to safety, and that's your ears and hearing. Air compressors can be quite loud, and you don't want the noise to cause significant damage to your hearing. Invest in a good pair of soundproof earmuffs and require every employee to put them on before operating the air compressor.

Be Smart About Assembly and Disassembly

When it's time to add a new clamp or a fitting to your air compressor, make sure you check the manual first and get the exact type that you need. Don't just go off of memory and "think" you know which one to buy. If you put the wrong clamp or fitting on the compressor, it could lead to a very bad situation if the one you purchased is not strong enough to keep the device together. If you ever need to disconnect the hose or take the compressor apart in any way, make sure you close the air valve and that the hose is completely devoid of pressure before attempting to take anything apart.

If you are currently searching for a list of local air compressor dealers in your area to obtain a new piece of equipment, make sure you take the time to educate your employees about the new device before you put it into use. Always be aware of the amount of pressure the compressor is set to, always use the correct valves, clamps and other parts when assembling the device and don't forget to protect your ears and hearing in addition to the rest of your head. 

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