2 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Insulation After A Recent Cockroach Infestation

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2 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Insulation After A Recent Cockroach Infestation

2 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Insulation After A Recent Cockroach Infestation

14 February 2018
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Even after you have gotten rid of your cockroach problem, your job of cleaning up after and preventing them is not yet over. Even if you have killed all of the live bugs, evidence of their previous existence could still be present, even in the insulation. Below are reasons why you should consider replacing your insulation after a recent cockroach infestation. 

Small Tears in Insulation

When cockroaches start invading a building structure, they look for an ideal area in which to build their nests. Since insulation provides warmth and protection, they burrow into the fibers to create their new home.

While they are working to make their nest and go about their daily business, tears will form in the insulation's fibers. Because these holes allow air to pass through, your insulation will no longer be effective as a key part of trapping heat or cool air inside the house. Not only will you start feeling drafts, but you may also see your energy bills start to go up.

Roach Waste Inside the Walls

Structural damage is not the only thing left behind by the deceased cockroach population. After living inside your insulation, they have also left behind a massive accumulation of waste products. This accumulation of old urine and feces has not only left the insulation filthy, but it creates a health hazard for you and everyone else.

By themselves, roach feces can serve as a trigger for asthma attacks. If there are any small holes in your ductwork or walls, these feces could then circulate unseen throughout the air, making anyone who suffers from respiratory issues sick.

Also, since cockroaches can carry and spread certain diseases, such as several forms of gastroenteritis, your insulated walls, ceilings, and attic could become a germ factory. The bacteria found in the feces continue to feed off the waste, while the heat from your home's interior and the sun outside keeps the germs warms so they can continue to grow and thrive.

As the population of bacteria continues to grow, any structural problems could facilitate the spread of illness. For example, if your roof starts leaking, the water that starts dripping from your ceiling that contains bacteria-laden insulation.

If the water soaks into your carpets or drips on your furniture, you and your household members are then exposed to the germs. If an extensive cleanup is not performed, sickness could quickly spread throughout your home.

If you are afraid your insulation has been adversely affected by your recent roach infestation, you may decide you should have it replaced. Contact a professional from companies like Davis FL Builders Supply to have them inspect your insulation and discuss with you options for having new insulation installed so you can get rid of the remnants of your infestation.

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