Tips For Keeping Your Store's Bulk Bins Looking Great

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Tips For Keeping Your Store's Bulk Bins Looking Great

Tips For Keeping Your Store's Bulk Bins Looking Great

29 June 2016
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If you have bulk bins at your store to hold a large amount of product or anything else, you might worry about their cleanliness. You don't want customers to see dirty bins and worry about the cleanliness of your store. However, you also might not really want to spend the time on it that's needed to clean it thoroughly, due to the fact that cleaning bulk bins often involves taking out all of the product, cleaning the bin, and replacing all of the product. This can be a pain and can take away an employee from more important tasks. Here are some tips for keeping your bulk bins looking as good as possible at your store.

1. Clean Them Regularly, But Not All At Once

Your first step is to commit to cleaning your bulk bins regularly. This might seem like too great of an imposition, but if you commit to cleaning them all on different days, the time requirement is relatively manageable. You first want to identify how quickly your bins get dirty. If you have bins that are filled with something sticky, you will need to clean them more frequently than other bins. Divide the bins into groups depending on how long it takes for them to get dirty. Make a schedule where you are cleaning bins each day, but as few as possible. Make sure that all bins are cleaned within their allotted time frame.

2. Buy Extras

Once you know the number of bins that you are going to be cleaning each day, purchase that many additional bulk bins. If you are cleaning bins of different sizes, purchase the average number of those bins that are being cleaned each day, the minimum being one. This will allow you to empty the dirty bins in the morning and put their contents into a clean bin. You can then push the dirty bin to the back where someone can clean it at their leisure. As long as it is clean by the end of the shift, it can be used the next day as a clean bin into which a dirty bin can be emptied. This will allow you to avoid having to take up too much of anyone's time when they could be doing more important tasks, because this will make getting the bin clean a less critical task.

3. Let it Soak

Finally, be sure to fill up the bin right away with cleaning solution so that it has time to soak for a few hours by the time someone gets to cleaning it. This will reduce the amount of time that any one person has to spend actually scrubbing sticky dirt off the bin.

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