3 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Proper Vibration Control

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3 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Proper Vibration Control

3 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Proper Vibration Control

2 April 2016
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Vibration control consists of utilizing a variety of mounting and dampening products to keep the vibrations produced by your industrial equipment as low as possible. Listed below are just a few of the many reasons to take advantage of vibration control products.

Reduce Noise

One major reason to utilize vibration control is to try and minimize the amount of sound produced by your equipment. Vibration can cause all manner of rattling sounds to occur within your facility, which can make it quite difficult for your employees to communicate with one another or with their manager/supervisors. In addition, being exposed to a lot of very loud noise all the time can cause a lot of health and morale issues for your employees, which can make them quite a bit less productive and efficient.

Reduce Wear

Another big reason to invest in vibration dampening equipment is in order to reduce wear-and-tear on your equipment. Over time, vibration can cause portions of your equipment to become loose, which means that your equipment's components will begin to move around more. Once this happens, those loose components can cause overall system wear to accrue much more rapidly and cause you to have to replace or repair the equipment sooner.

In addition, the vibration can also cause internal components to come free entirely. When a nut, screw, or bolt comes loose within the equipment, it can rattle around and cause extensive damage and cause the entire system to fail prematurely.

Reduce Safety Hazards

Finally, limiting the amount of vibration produced by your equipment can help reduce safety hazards and risks for your employees. One reason for this is that constant exposure to vibration coming off of the equipment can actually cause long-term muscle damage, which can leave your employee in a lot of pain.

In addition, when a piece of equipment is vibrating too much, it can cause the equipment to be a bit hard to handle. While this is not that big of a problem for all types of equipment, it can be very dangerous when the vibration is affecting how well your employee can control it when it comes to welding or cutting equipment.

Contact your local industrial supply store like Bancroft Western Sales Ltd ecodyne today in order to discuss which anti-vibration and vibration dampening products would be most appropriate for your industry and the equipment that you use. Proper vibration control systems and equipment can help to reduce noise levels within your plant, reduce wear on your equipment, and keep your employees as safe as possible.

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