Preparing Your Home Brew For An Unveiling

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Preparing Your Home Brew For An Unveiling

Preparing Your Home Brew For An Unveiling

12 August 2015
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If you have dabbled in the art of brewing your own beer at home, and your first batch is just about ready to be used for consumption, consider holding a tasting party at your home to celebrate creating a successful beer to be enjoyed. Your friends will love being invited to taste-test the final product, and you may find you have a few recommendations on the next flavor to try. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your party, making your beer appear favorable during its special unveiling.

Prepare The Materials

A few weeks before your beer is able to be enjoyed, order several colored bottles with caps to place your product inside. You will need a small funnel to pour the liquid in the bottles so you do not waste any of your beer! Cap the bottles tightly and place custom beer labels upon the fronts of them so your friends can see exactly what it is they are drinking. These bottles will make great keepsakes for your friends as well as for yourself to display your work. Keep the beer in a refrigerator until the time of the party. Contact a company like Precision Label Ltd for beer labels.

Come Up With A Name

Think of a great name to give to your home brew. Select a name that gives an inkling about what is inside, or opt to list the ingredients in smaller print on another label to place on the back of the bottle. Use color to give your bottle labels a professional look overall. Consider placing your name somewhere on the label so people will know who came up with the recipe if they decide to save the beer to drink later. Place the date the beer was bottled on the label as well so no one tries drinking a beer that is past its expiration date.

Think Of A Fun Presentation

After you gather your friends in your home for your beer unveiling, allow them to chit-chat and have a few snacks before you bring out your special batch. Think of a fun way to present the beer to your friends, such as by having a few hidden friends come out into the room with the bottles in their hands as special music is played loudly. When your friends dance into the room with the brew, your friends will be chuckling at the surprise and will be excited to take that first sip. 

Another way is to have someone knock on the door pretending to be a pizza delivery person or a police officer who had word a party was getting out of line. Your friends will be surprised when they hand you a box full of bottles instead of a pizza or a ticket!

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