Popular Types Of Vineyard Nets

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Popular Types Of Vineyard Nets

Popular Types Of Vineyard Nets

12 August 2015
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When it comes to vineyards, a difficult challenge is always ensuring that your crops actually stay safe. Numerous pests can invade your vines and pluck grapes, eat leaves, or leave behind pesky parasites and diseases. In order to reduce the amount of damage your vines endure, netting is a fantastic option. Of course, there are a number of options available. Depending on the size of your vines, the kind of trellis system in use, the look you are going for, the dimensions of the net, and overall size of your rows, you will prefer different options. Luckily, there are special nets for each case.  


A drapeover net is easy to apply. You simply drape it over the desired area as the name applies. When it comes time to take it off, it is easy as well, meaning you can get a great amount of coverage without any hassle. They will typically be resistant to UV rays, and a number of density options are available, depending on how much light needs to reach the plant and what kinds of pests you are trying to keep out.


These nets are very cost effective over the long run, allowing you to give your wallet a break. It is also very non-intrusive. Most commonly used for protection against birds, these types of nets appear to be expensive to apply in the beginning, but after saving on maintenance, the net is very reasonable. Sidenets only protect the growing area of the vines, so they are attached to the trellis. While a little more time is needed to apply this net, it can offer comprehensive protection against pesky birds.


Whereas drapeover netting requires that you physically place the nets on the vines, with overhead netting you use a different method. You build up posts around the area you want to protect and then attach the net at the "ceiling." This results in a full enclosure system that lets you manage your harvest worry-free.

When it comes to vineyards, protecting your hard-earned crops from pesky critters can be a task. Luckily there a number of great solutions for netting available. They are available in a variety of textures and materials, and there has never been a greater selection of protective nets for your valued plants, bushes, and crops. Whether you need sidenets, overhead nets, or drapeover nets, you can find the right solution for your vineyard. Contact a company like Redden Net & Rope rope ladders for more information.

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