Most Popular Saw Blade Types

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Most Popular Saw Blade Types

Most Popular Saw Blade Types

6 August 2015
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Saws are one of the most useful tools in any workshop. They can let you customize pieces and make them fit, build a new door, or whatever your imagination desires. However, it can be confusing to sort the the various types and sizes of saw blades. Therefore, here are the most popular saw blade types and their applications:

Plastic Cutting

Plastic cutting saw blades, which are often carbide tipped, are used to cut plastic without melting. The negative hook angle helps to reduce chip-welding and leaves a nice smooth edge. This is great for acrylic sheets and nylon rope.

All-Purpose Saw Blade

These blades are meant to be used for almost anything related to wood cutting. The carbide tips and blade design cuts and rips through most woods and reduces chips flying from the work station. This is a fantastic blade for everyone to have in their arsenal.

Table Saw Blade

This type of blade is a circular saw blade that you mount on an arbor. The blade then sticks through the surface of the table. This grants you maximum stability as you move your material around the table and achieve new cutting angles with ease. It's great for creating cross edges when framing home trim, for example.

Miter Saw

This type of saw blade is round. It is then housed in a metal casing that protects your hand. There is a handle on the back of the saw that allows you to control the saw and move it up and down in a pivot motion. This is great for cutting lumber and it gives a basic level of stability.

Steel-cutting Saw

These strong blades are for alloy or virgin steel and can cut through steel pipes, rods, rebar, studs, sheets, and more. The geometry of the teeth and the strong nature of the carbide material makes this saw blade perfect for your steel cutting needs. 

Saw blades are a vital part of modern craftsmanship and construction. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional tradesmen, the odds are that you will encounter a saw and need to know the right blade to use. Whether you are cutting plastic, wood, or metal, knowing the features of your tools will help you be more effective and happy in your work. Following this quick guide, you will be well on your way to discovering the saw blade that helps you tackle the job perfectly.

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