How Homeowners Can Successfully Work With Manufacturers When Developing Residential Pool Pumps

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How Homeowners Can Successfully Work With Manufacturers When Developing Residential Pool Pumps

How Homeowners Can Successfully Work With Manufacturers When Developing Residential Pool Pumps

31 January 2022
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If your pump has a filtering system -- and it should -- then you'll rely on a pool pump to move water through it. These pumps can be manufactured in many different ways. You can stay on the right path, though, if you remember these instructions when working with a pool pump manufacturer.

Review Speed Performance

Pool pumps can be designed today to work at a certain speed. Something you want to remember in this regard is the slower the pump can work around your residential pool, the less power it's going to use and that's where savings are available.

So when you start working with a pool pump manufacturer, let them know you want a slower-working pump model as to benefit from a power consumption standpoint. They'll then use the appropriate motor that gives off just the right amount of horsepower to pump water through the filter at the right speed level. 

Make Sure Hair and Lint Trap Is Reliable

There may be all sorts of debris inside your pool that build up over the months. These things will ultimately end up going through your pool's pump when water is directed to the filter. You need to account for this by making sure the hair and lint trap component is reliable.

Your manufacturer needs to use proven designs that can effectively prevent debris from going further into the pumping system. Then you won't have to clean as often nor deal with as many breakdowns. After this trap reaches capacity, you can take it off the pump and dispose of what collected inside. 

Get a Motor That's Cooled

Even though pool pumps are submerged as to properly move water in your pool to the filter system, the motor could still overheat. You need to account for this so that the pump isn't put through too much and subsequently breaks down on a regular basis.

Make sure your pool pump manufacturer includes cooling abilities that help keep this component working optimally. Usually, pool pumps will be cooled by air. Just make sure the manufacturer sets up effective cooling capabilities that will last.

There are plenty of pool pumps you can choose for your own residential pool as to help the filter work effectively. If you work carefully with a manufacturer when designing various components, this pump is going to remain reliable, efficient, and effective at moving water to your pool's filter. 

For more information, reach out to an energy efficient pool pump manufacturer.

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